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downtown-reflectionsWelcome to my new WordPress blog!

This image was taken in downtown Columbia, SC  last Saturday.  I was originally going to go to Riverfront Park to shoot images of the dam, but bridge construction rendered that idea useless.  So I made the most of it and drove back into town to get some shots of downtown in the fading evening light.  The large street clock in front of Sylvan Jewelers is what I wanted to be the focal point of this shot, but as I set up my gear I noticed the wonderful reflection of the sunset on the side of the Wachovia building and immediately changed my vantage point to include that in the composition.  I wanted to get further away from the tree that dominates the right side of the image, but doing so would have put me in the street!  I didn’t really feel like getting hit by a car, so this is the best composition I could get encompassing both of the points of interest.

This image is probably the most heavily post-processed HDR I have ever done.  I don’t think it’s overdone, it just took a lot of editing, selecting, and masking to get this result.  I will post an explanation of the details of post processing soon, but right now I’m still trying to figure WordPress out, so I want to concentrate on that.  Thank you for visiting my new blog, and I will have more in store for you soon.  Please feel free to leave your comments too!  I’d love to know what you think of the image and my new blog.  Take care!