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keenan-fountain-columbia-south-carolina-museum-artHere’s an HDR that I took the same day as my previous post “Downtown Reflections”.  It’s actually right across the street from where I took that shot.  This is the Keenan Fountain in front of the Columbia Museum of Art in downtown.  I have always loved this fountain, as it’s a very striking structure.  If you wait at the fountain long enough the water patterns change as you watch it.  Very calming and cool to see in person.  The Museum of Art actually uses a rendering of this fountain as their logo.  I’m not sure if the Art Museum commissioned this fountain to match an existing logo or if they got the idea for the logo from the fountain, but either way it’s a beautiful addition to the museum grounds.

The light was fading, getting into the “blue hour” many photographers love.  It’s one of my favorite times to shoot as well, due to the rich blue color rendered in the sky.  Plus it’s getting late and there aren’t too many people around, which always is good for an architectural/urban landscape photographer like myself.  No ghosts to mask out in post!  I like the calming, cool colors in this image and how they are punctuated by the copper sculpture that makes up Keenan Fountain, which HDR processing only helps to enhance.  This is a 9 exposure HDR processed in Photomatix 4 and Lightroom 3, topped off with engaging enhancement that only comes from OnOne Phototools.  Enjoy!