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This is the entrance to Trinity Cathedral in Columbia, SC. The church recently underwent a makeover, which involved a repainting of the church’s exterior.  I actually met the guy who did the painting while taking this shot.  His name is Raymond. He just happened to be walking through as I was bracketing this shot, and we talked for a while about the church and the paint job.  It was a very interesting conversation, as he told me that when the sun is setting, the light blazes through the side of the church and illuminates the stained glass window that you see here.  I plan to come back and get a shot of that!  HDR processing will definitely help there.  I chose this vantage point to capture the old gates and most of the facade of the church.

Nikon D200, 9 exposure HDR, processed in Photomatix, LR3, and OnOne Phototools, 18-55 VR