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I visited the Richland County Public Library today with my daughter and had planned on shooting brackets.  This is my first foray into monochromatic HDR.  What you’re looking at is the main stairway that runs throughout the floors of the Library building.  I have been enthralled with the architecture of this building for some time now, but just today I got a chance to shoot it.  The subject lends itself to B&W imagery very well.  The abstract lines and the curves of the various levels of the library were too powerful for me not to shoot it, even with my daughter begging me to take to her to the children’s section. This is the last set of brackets that I took today.  The first few images that I shot are very compelling as well, but when I finally got downstairs to the children’s section I got the shot that I really wanted, which encompassed all of the other floors above.  This shot has such a complexity of lines that I really like.  HDR processing was necessary to get the detail in the skylight that soars above the rest of the library.  This was processed in Nik Silver Efex, OnOne Phototools and Lightroom 3.

Nikon D200, 18-55 VR @18mm, f/11, ISO 100, 9 exposre HDR.