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The Public Library building here in Columbia is one of the most impressive pieces of architecture the city has to offer, both inside and out.  The central stairway that I featured in my last blog post is, in a photographer’s eye, a study in lines and curves.  I spent at least an hour here just shooting this stairway from various angles and on different levels.  This is the main floor of the library looking at the upper floors from the entrance.  There is very little color here so it lends itself particularly well to monochromatic images.  This was a hard shot to get because, unlike the last shot, I had to wait for people to go up and down the escalators.  People would randomly show up in the middle of bracketing and I would have to start over.  Patience was the key to getting this one, which is something that was hard for my 3 year old to understand!  I eventually got the shot, and we moved on to playtime with Max and the Wild Things downstairs in the Children’s section.