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This is the historic old courthouse in my hometown of Lancaster, SC.  This image is one of several from here that I’m working on to include in my upcoming show at the Lancaster County Arts Council.  I’m very excited about the show not only because it will be my very first gallery showing, but also because it’s in my hometown and I’m so honored to be able to present my first “real” show here.  This building was recently reconstructed after an arson a few years ago, so this is a fairly new “old” structure.  It looks the same as I remember it though.  This is also my first successful HDR attempt with my new Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens.  I had taken a 4GB memory card’s worth of images on my first outing with this lens, but when I looked at them on my computer they were all very soft.  I was so disappointed at first, but I found a quick and easy solution after a few Google searches.  Apparently the focus scale on these lenses needs to be adjusted to achieve sharp focus, and sure enough, mine was off by quite a large margin.  After fine tuning the focus (which I’ll explain how to do in another blog post coming up) this lens is very sharp indeed.  I love the way the sky turned out in this photo.  Another perk of shooting HDR!  I really like this lens, and will be doing a review of it soon.  Happy shooting!

Shot on a Nikon D200 and Rokinon 8mm fisheye @f/11.  9 exposure HDR processed in Photomatix 4, Lightroom 3 and PS CS4, and baked to perfection with OnOne Phototools 2.6.