2 thoughts on “_DCB2156”

  1. I love this lens so much more every time I use it. It’s really great to work with. And yes, I have seen that there’s a CPU version of this lens now! Very cool, but the one I have will meter on my D200, so it doesn’t really make a difference for me. As for the flash, I used a Vivitar 283 and bounced the flash outward with the palm of my hand. Really. It works great in a pinch! So I’m curious, did yours have the focus issue? I really hope they fixed it in the CPU version.

  2. Allan Edwards said:

    Great pic – what flash did you use? I Got this cool lens too… but mine has the CPU chip so “A” setting can be set from the body. The lens is set to f22 or it will not work. So far the lens is superb, the green focus dot also works well!

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