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New York City is such a great place to be, and to get to see it all from the top is a spectacular sight indeed, especially at night. On our recent trip there, my wife and I got a night to ourselves to go into Manhattan. Our plan was to go to Rockefeller Center and go to the Top of the Rock and then get some dinner afterwards, because it was getting late and the observation deck closed at 11pm.

It was Monday night, and there was hardly anybody up there with us.  It was cold and very windy with occasional drizzle, which made photography somewhat of a challenge.  The view from The Top is spectacular.  Once you’re up to the observation deck, you can walk right up to the edge of the building.  The only thing that’s separating you from the edge are huge glass panels which line the perimeter.  I’ve never experienced anything like the feeling that I got there, gazing out at the city beneath.  Breathless.  That’s the best way to describe it.  Top of the world.

Once I was set up, I started firing off some frames, but noticed that I was getting glare from the glass panels.  Then I noticed the spaces between the panels, and I wondered if my lenses would fit through. Sure enough, my lenses all fit through the space.  I captured several different vantage points this way, but this one was my favorite.  Straight ahead is the Empire State Building, and the bright blue glow in the lower right side of the photo is Times Square.

I love the clouds in this photo, and the orange glow that the city lights cast upon parts of them give a nice warmth in contrast to the dark grey of the rest of the sky.  This was such a captivating scene, but you really have to be up there to experience it.

The city at night.