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Whitehall Station, NYC "The Staten Island Ferry"I’m going back to New York for this post, and to a place that has become synonymous with the city for me.  This is Whitehall Terminal, the docking place for the Staten Island Ferry.  Since my sister in law lives on Staten Island, I have come to know this place very well, as it’s one of the only ways of getting to Manhattan from Staten Island.  The first time I was here, the huge “Staten Island Ferry” sign with its blue neon lights made an impression on me, and the last time I was in New York I wanted to capture the sign and the station.  I put on my 8mm fisheye to get it all in and shot 9 brackets at ISO 100 on my D200.

In post, I first rendered all of the shots in Lightroom 4 beta (love the new Process 2012 and the image enhancement it brings), and then I exported them into Photomatix 4 for HDR merging.  I got some really strange artifacts in the solid black sky that I just could not get rid of using my standard Details Enhancer preset.  It looked like snow or rain, but there was none of that when I took the shot.  I’m not sure if this is Photomatix not playing nice with the new Process 2012 of Lightroom, but switching to Tone Compressor in the Method drop down menu got rid of all of that.  I have never used Tone Compressor before, beyond just playing around with it, but I’m very happy with the result that I got.  It looks more natural then using Details Enhancer and I’ll definitely be using it more in the future.  After the HDR merge it was on to OnOne Perfect Photo Suite for enhancement.  I used my typical Daily Vitamin enhancement from Perfect Effects as well as Monday Warm reduced in opacity to about 60% to give the photo a slightly darker, vintage feel, and this is the result.  Thanks for reading!

9 exposure HDR, Nikon D200, ISO 100, Rokinon 8mm fisheye