For this week’s SooC challenge, our topic was the color green. I had many initial thoughts, like grass, money and “envy”, but I found the perfect subject sitting right in front of me. I was sitting at the kitchen table with my daughter when I saw my shot. Her green eyes almost perfectly matched the color of our kitchen walls, so I told her to hold tight while I got my camera.

I framed the shot so that her eyes and face would be most prominent, with just a little of the greenish wall showing in the background to play off the color of her eyes. I wanted them to be the subject of attention without too much distraction from the background, so I focused on her eyes and used a fairly large aperture of f/2.5 to blur the background and most of her hair and face. I really liked the result, and using only the light from the window gives a nice soft look to this portrait. I’m not a huge fan of flash, and I think using my big SB700 or even the pop up flash would have been too harsh. That possibly would have covered up some of the color in her eyes as well because of the catchlights, even more so than the reflection of the window. Overall I quite like what I got straight out of the camera for this challenge. Next week’s theme is water, which I chose myself – but I’ll admit I don’t really have a lot of good ideas for that yet! We’ll have to see what I come up with next week! As always, please have a look at the other photographers who are participating in the SooC challenge with me.

Here is a very quick edited version from Lightroom. I don’t think there would be much more that I would do to this one though.

green processed

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