The theme for this week’s SooC challenge was “Love”. I have to admit to being stumped on this one. I really had no good ideas until today, and once again I have relied on my daughter to help me out with a photo shoot. And what better subject for “Love” than my wonderful daughter. I had her sit in front of the curtains and hold out a heart shaped ornament that she made for us at school. Blowing a kiss at the camera was her idea, and I’m glad that she did that, because I think it makes the photo more interesting than it otherwise would have been. It also gave me a name for it! I took several photos of her at varying apertures and points of focus, and ended up going with this one.Blowing Kisses

Photographer’s Notes

I shot this on a D7000 with a Nikkor 35-70mm f/2.8 at 44mm @ f/2.8, ISO 100 with an SB700 for added lighting. I bounced it off the wall on the left, which gave quite a bit of contrast on her face and the curtains behind her. I had another image that I was going to use for this, but I ended up changing my mind at the last minute because I liked the selective focus on just her hand and the ornament much better than the one I was going to use. Both photos were the same concept, but after a second look through my images, I decided this one was more pleasing. Don’t forget to check out the work of the other guys who are doing the challenge as well!

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