The theme for last week’s SooC was Wood. Wood? Could I come up with something creative with this most elemental of materials? I had many initial ideas, but none of them seemed very creative or doable. I thought about shooting a wooden Backgammon set with an intricate inlaid pattern, but scrapped that idea because I didn’t want the inlays to be the main focus of the photograph. I decided to photograph wood at it’s source – a tree. I didn’t have any particular tree or part of a tree that I wanted to focus on, but I did want to capture a tree or some part of a tree as an abstract. I took my daughter to Riverfront Park here in Columbia on a photo walk, and I set out to find my tree.

There are many different kinds of trees lining the river and the path that leads along it, but I decided that this particular crepe myrtle was the tree I was looking for. The smooth trunk and roots are distinctive traits of this kind of tree, and the patterns in the roots are what attracted me to this particular one. To me it seems like they have an almost liquid feel to the patterns they make in the soil, like it was poured from the sky and frozen in place. I couldn’t decide which of these shots I wanted to share, so I posted both of them. Don’t forget to check out the other guys’ work! They aren’t as slack as me and are probably hard at work on Mirror right now! Until next time.

Eje Gustafsson

Pete Glogiewicz

Chris Lane

Bruce Ulrich

John Pemberton

Doug Patterson

Loc Lam

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