Hall of Mirrors – SooC

It was up to me to choose the theme for SooC 2 weeks ago, and my choice was Mirror. After I chose it I knew what I wanted to capture. I live in Columbia, SC, and we have lots of buildings downtown that act as a mirror to reflect their surroundings. I wanted to capture a nice reflection in one of them. I ran out of time to get something in Columbia before we left for a weeklong trip to Houston, TX to visit my father in law, but hey, they have lots of buildings in Houston as well! They’re just a little bigger than the ones we have here in Columbia.😉 I ventured downtown with my father in law and as we walked around, I was scouting for the building I would use for my Mirror shot. In a cluster of buildings in the middle of downtown I found it, and this is the result. I really liked the way just about everything in this shot has a reflection in it. The play of lines is nice too, I think.

Check out the other guys in the challenge with me!

Eje Gustafsson

Pete Glogiewicz

Chris Lane

Bruce Ulrich

John Pemberton

Doug Patterson

Loc Lam



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